Does Talking Dirty Turn You On?

Does talking dirty turn you on? I love to talk dirty, and it turns me on like mad. Personally, I think it is perfectly okay to talk dirty but I am not sure that all of the girls at our London escorts service would agree with me. In general, though, I do think that most London escorts think that it is okay to talk dirty. Do we do enough of it? Maybe not but you should not be frightened to talk dirty to your partner.

A lot of women would love to talk dirty, but they simply choose not to do so. I think that women worry about talking dirty. They think that it will give their partner a bad impression of them, and put them down as cheap sluts. Well, you are not going talk dirty all of the time when you are in bed with your partner. But, as we say here at London escorts, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. At least that is what us girls at London escorts believe.

Talking dirty is something that you do in moments of passion. I will admit that I have not always done it, but since I have been with London escorts, I have become a lot more passionate about talking dirty. It is an important part of passionate lovemaking when you stop and think about it. Some girls who are new to low cost escorts are probably less certain about talking dirty. However, I am pretty sure that once they get into it, they will find that they will get a real kick out of it. I for one get really turned on by talking dirty.

Are there certain phrases or words which turn you on more than others? I have to admit that I think that certain words like fuck and cock really turn me on. When I say things like “ I would like your great big cock inside of me” I have noticed most men seem to get really turned on. Words can have a huge effect on us. I often ask my London escorts dates if they have any favorite words or phrases when it comes to having adult fun. After all, there is nothing like getting turned on by someone.

Of course, I know when I should stop talking dirty. When you have been with London escorts for a while, you get this feeling what a person is about. Not all men I meet are into talking dirty. Still, I think that more men than women like to talk dirty. It is just one of those things. Men probably watch a lot more pornos than women do, and this is where they get this need to talk dirty from. I think they basically explore sexual language from an earlier age than women do. Girls seem to come into talking dirty much later in life than men. Maybe it is someone which is passed down from our mothers. Anyway, I am going to blame mine who told me not to use language like that.

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