Different Ways to Satisfy an Escort

Having a good time with a London escort requires participation from both you and the girl. Both of you should make an effort to satisfy the other person’s sexual needs and please them. In most cases, if not all, the escort will play her role perfectly and make sure the client is satisfied and pleased with the services. After all, that is the most important part of the job description of these professionals and it is what they are trained to do. But on the client’s side, it may be a different story altogether. Not every client will satisfy the sexual needs of their escort maybe due to the fact that they are not experts in this area. If you fall in that category of clients, learn the different ways you can satisfy your escort below:

  1. Give Her a Good Foreplay

There are many ways you can satisfy your partner in bed. One of them is to give her a five-star foreplay. Almost every woman loves being touched, caressed and kissed gently, especially on her sexually sensitive parts like breasts, nipples and so on. In fact, just playing with these parts of her body could make her orgasm and cum.

  1. Give Her Nice Compliments

The mind is an important part of sex. Every reaction before and during sex is controlled by the mind, from horniness and erection to orgasm, squirt, and ejaculation. Giving your escort nice compliments before and during sex puts her in the right mind for the upcoming or ongoing sexual activity. It gives her more confidence and makes her be more comfortable with you in bed. That way, she may let go of all the worries she may have at that time that may prevent her from enjoying sex. She may replace those with the right mindset and attitude for a rewarding sexual encounter instead.

  1. Play with Her Erogenous Zones

Women have different zones on their bodies that, when touched or kissed, makes them want to have sex. Some women get horny when touched or kissed on the back of their neck. Others, it is ears, nipples or toes. Find out your escort’s sweet spots and make her lose control just by playing with those spots. It will play a major role in pleasuring and satisfying the girl sexually.

Final Thoughts

While there are many other different ways to satisfy your partner or escort in bed, such as exploring different unusual positions, these are the four most important ones. Give her a good foreplay, give her nice compliments, play with her sweet spots and go down on her. Trust me, if you do that, she will be so pleased with your game that she may even offer you a discount or some extras.

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